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Updated: Friday, August 26, 2016

Hiring a Handyman When Selling...
As you get ready to sell your home, you may discover the need to make numerous repairs and u...

The Other Sphere of Influence:...
When it comes to real estate, we know agents influence everything from the locations a buyer...

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Tips to Improve your Credit Score prior to applying for a home Mortgage
In Florida, the average credit score is 679, ranking 39th in the nation. Credit...

Miami 2015/2016 Key facts & data: Real estate, economy, tourism, jobs
Whether you already live in Miami, have invested there, or are thinking about it, we figured...

Our selection of South Beach Art Deco 1-Bedroom for sale
Here is our selection of Art Deco 1-Bedroom condo/apartments ideally located in South Beach...

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